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Module 4: Test

Dr. Angela August 15, 2023

Weekly Competency Test

Please complete the following competency test. Allow yourself at least 45-60 minutes to complete your test questions. Review your questions thoroughly and select the best choice based on your comprehension of your assignments (lectures, reading assignments, discussions, etc.).

Try not to leave any answer blank. Review your lecture and/or reading notes before you begin. If you have any technical difficulties, please alert your student education manager right away, and then check the online campus knowledge base for troubleshooting.

Two attempts at the test are allowed to accommodate for technological issues. The highest score is the score that will be kept and applied to your grade. To account for the limitations and errors of technology all submitted tests are reviewed by the professor or TA before a final test grade is posted. Remember that your test is not open book.

You are not allowed to go back to your textbook or replay lectures while you take the exam. All review need to be completed before you begin your test.

Finish well!