God’s Royal Network

A premier apostolic and prophetic network is dedicated to bringing God’s voice to this generation. Its fresh media perspective on God, the world, and Christianity makes it one of the most provocative networks in television today. Covering topics like prayer, politics, apostles and prophets today, soul healing, and more, GRN is taking on the crucial issues facing our world while empowering the faith of believers. Tune in to the place where heaven touches earth.  
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Taking It On with Paula Price

What is “Taking it On.” It is about taking on today’s issues, authenticating the true Jesus Christ, promoting His truth and kingdom, and empowering Christians to defend His faith. The time to speak out for our Lord in unusual ways could never be better, and “Taking It On” is just the platform to do it. Now is the best time as we look at the state of the world, the state of the church, the assault on Christ and Christianity, and the relentless cultural bombardment of God’s people. In no other period in modern history is the demand to reestablish our Founder’s faith and reassert Jesus’ deity and sovereignty in this world more pressing. My part in His fight is this television show as His voice of truth and wisdom.  

Paula Price Show

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