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Module 1 Lecture

Dr. Angela August 14, 2023

Lecture Topic: Mind and Operations of An Apostolic Christian

Apostolic Christianity: Laying The Foundation

Key Terms & Phrases:

  • Faith
  • Apostleship
  • Jesus Christ
  • God
  • Believer
  • Born Again

Key Scripture

  • Acts 26:18

Assignment instructions & helpful tips:

  • Review the assigned lecture.
  • Take keynotes throughout the lecture in preparation for your weekly assignment.
  • Write down keywords and phrases used and their relationship to the lecture topic.
  • Look up words you do not understand.
  • Make note of the key points below.

Key points to answer:

  • What are the three main points of this lecture?
  • How would you relate the lecture points, the scripture, and revelations received to the topic?
  • How would you identify what the lecture is trying to achieve?
  • What was stated in the lecture that you did not know before?
  • What is the” kingdom relevance” of this lecture?
  • How would you apply it as a minister and potential officer in training?
  • How would you articulate to others what you have understood from your lecture?

Listening Tips:

  • Before listening to your lecture, review your next essay question. This way, you can be listening for answers that will enable you to address the essay questions more effectively.
  • Listen to your lecture more than once.
  • The first time just listen for your own edification and jot down what strikes you. For example, “You have to learn God’s word to appreciate His truth.”
  • The second time, write down the facts of the lecture. For example, “The continuum is an unbroken chain of events.”
  • The third time, write down review questions. Turn your facts into questions. For example, “What is the continuum?”
  • Put your questions on index cards so you can quiz yourself later for your test.
  • Pay special attention to the information that will help you do your job as a minister. Listen to take action and not just to be edified.
  • Ask questions!

Questions About Your Lecture:

  • If you have questions about your lecture information and want to get better understanding or clarity on what you heard, please post them for your professor to respond to here: Course Discussion Board
  • We are here to guide and support your education experience, so we expect not everything may be understood when you first learn it.
  • Try not to stagnate the learning process by making assumptions or drawing a pre-conditioned conclusion
  • We encourage you to search out the matter thoroughly and be prepared to study, investigate, and confirm your answers.