Register for The Apostolic Summit and Dignitary Dinner

2023 New Era Apostolic Summit

Nov. 15-18, 2023

I am inviting you to this year’s Annual Apostleship Summit in November. The dates are the 15th-18th. A copy of the flyer is attached. This year’s theme is Gods & Nations, for two reasons. The first is what apostles, eternity’s ambassadors, do. They confront the gods of other nations. The second is their agenda in this period in modern history. The whole Earth wrestles with a ruthless overthrow campaign determined to overtake The United States of America and the rest of the world. A world that was once predominantly Christian.

This is our 23rd Summit, and I encourage you to be a part of it. There are speakers, classes, private sessions, and, of course, prayer and prophecy. While this may sound like just a religious service, it is not. In traveling the state to campaign for a party seat, the one thing I heard constantly was that Earth and humanity are in the grip of a spiritual battle. Whenever I heard it, though, it was never followed up with the reality of the spiritual muscle needed to face it. I had never met or heard of the spiritual battlers engaged in fighting for the right and God. That is another reason for you to attend this event. It will introduce you to the spiritual warriors needed to counterbalance the Lord’s government and political forces. Here is why. Before there was a church, there were prophets who set up and ruled God’s nation-state kingdom. Before there were apostles in the church, there were apostles in the world who traveled to nations to diplomatize them. In fact, before the church of Jesus Christ came to Earth, prophets and apostles secularly predated it. To say, they established righteousness in the secular world first. All of this is to say that your experience here will be like nothing you encountered in church but the very thing you need. Let us know if you are a pastor with a congregation, as there are specials for you.

Our standing Summit platform is Where We Are, What We Face, and Taking the Lead. God’s people must discover where we are and where we stand on the geopolitical front. We must relentlessly face off with the adversarial and ambitious. And most importantly, we must steadfastly take and keep the reins of leadership under Christ’s dominion. To these ends, we are pleased to have as our Dignitary Dinner keynote speaker John O’Connor, former Attorney General for the state of Oklahoma. Our sessions include leadership, government, and administration, technologizing your vision, how to campaign, and facing off with the gods laboring to shift the planet from Jesus Christ to paganism. We plan to oppose this with the VIVAS momentum I presented in my campaign.

VIVAS stands for Voice, Influence, Vote, Access, Seat

At the world’s power tables. Because God gains access and wins when His people do.

I sincerely hope you will attend. The link below will take you to registration and specials you may appreciate.