Price University

Price U is an apostolic prophetic university that exists to guard God’s Ecclesia, Govern His Kingdom, and Guide His generations. We aim to educate future leaders who will give God a voice, influence, vote, access, and seat at the world’s tables. We accomplish this by fully equipping our future leaders to enter any professional sphere of society to make an impact on Jesus Christ. Basing our educational model on Romans 15:16 and Hebrews 1:7, we understand that God’s ministers are considered public servants with a public duty to the state. These ministers assume a public office to administer God’s affairs and execute God’s commands and decrees on His behalf. It demonstrates the connection between God and government. We see this in Matthew 28:18, which admonishes the apostles to disciple the nations. With the New Testament’s emphasis on “kingdom” mentioned over 140 times, we understand the gospel to hinge on two immutable things “gods and kingdoms or nations.” This is what motivates and epitomizes the academic thrust of Price University. Our goal is to replenish God’s stock of ministers to disciple nations. The major objective is graduate leaders, ambassadors, diplomats, and advocates for Christ in every arena.  
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New Era Apostleship Restitution Collaborative Embassy

A Kingdom collaborative embassy that unites God’s new era ministries, visions and ventures, businesses, and professionals in powerful, productive, and profitable ways that are mutually beneficial to all involved. N.E.A.R. offers apostleship covering, counsel, collaboration, and coaching to coax you and your organization to its richest potential. Our goal is to galvanize in this new era, God’s next kingdom leaders to give God a voice, influence, a vote, access, and seat at the tables of the world.

Dr. Paula Price Power Train

Become the successful you with business, life, and professional training with Dr. Paula Price. Learn to think differently and live powerfully. Her coaching moments are designed to  


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Prophetic-Ed Institute Agency

Prophetic ED is a unique prophetic application of the New Testament with an uncommon vision and mission for 21st-century prophetic service. Our motto is “We Plant Prophets,” taking its cue from scripture’s church planting model. In today’s world, prophets are needed in every sphere of life and must be accessible to the world’s multitudinous communities. Planting prophets means appointing highly trained as well as pointedly endowed prophetic communicants to set up or take over a Prophetic ED agency to put their education and skill to God’s use. In this capacity, the prophetic ministers are stationed in an assigned territory to give God’s people access to His word on matters affecting their lives. Instead of waiting for the prophet to come to town and hoping those that come are reputable and accurate, Prophetic ED will situate its divine communications specialist in neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions throughout the world to put God’s voice in earshot of His people.