Ministry Credentialing Candidacy Portfolio

About Your Course  This course is designed to progress students through their candidacy preparations and Life Experience portfolio composition. In this course students will walk through mapping and compiling their life, professional, and/or ministerial journey to present. Students will lay a framework that will define some of the aims and applications of their ministry credentialing program engagement should they be excepted. This course will also introduce students to particular objectives, policies and protocols that are requisites of the various levels of credentialing for this institution.
Dr. Angela · August 17, 2023

Course Description

Credentialing Candidacy Training prepares students to officially qualify for ministry credentialing. This course guides candidates step by step through the initial requirements for qualification. It includes:

  • Professional Life Experience Portfolio Development
  • Ministry Credentialing Preparation
  • Ministry Praxis Planning and Structure

To satisfactorily pass the class, candidates will have to successfully complete and submit the above documentation to the Price’ University’s Credentialing Committee for acceptance into the designated ministerial credentialing readiness program.¬†

Course Objectives:

  • Help students prepare to become credentialing candidates for ministry service
  • Provide instruction and guidance in the development of required documentation for qualification
  • Review and analyze students readiness for credentialing candidacy training and education
  • Compile all necessary data to meet the verification requisites for this program
  • Answer the questions that certifies the students competence to advance to the next stage of ministerial service.

Key Terms & Phrases:

  • Professional
  • Portfolio
  • Life Experience
  • Resume
  • Readiness
  • Credential
  • Ministry
  • Readiness
  • Training
  • Preparation

Key Scripture

  • Matthew 1:17
  • Hebrews 12:2-24
  • Genesis 1-10
  • Exodus 4-20
  • 2 Samuel
  • The Gospel

Key Discussion Points:

  • What is a portfolio
  • What is candidacy?
  • What is credentialing?
  • What is verification
  • What is candidacy qualification?
  • What is credentialing competence?

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