Meet the Holy Spirit II

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  • This is a fast paced 4-module online course. It will focus on understanding the Holy Spirit as God's government on earth.  Students will understand the identity, purpose, and function of the Godhead's third member.
Gale · August 17, 2023

Welcome to Meet the Holy Spirit II.

About Your Course 

  • This ministry orientation course is designed to teach students about the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Godhead. As an introductory course, students are taught the Holy Spirit’s role in the Godhead, His part in creation, and the supreme role He filled in bringing Christ and His ecclesia from heaven to earth. Intermixed is how God’s Spirit activates and executes the new birth, the way He seals keeps, and shepherds Christ’s royal priesthood, and how He preserves the planet. The Holy Spirit’s governmental duty to uphold the Almighty’s divine governance concludes the course.

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  • Come to learn and not to know, come to listen and not teach, ask questions and do not assume, be a student and not just a minister, and prepare for your future and not just to pass an assignment.
  • Do not think spiritual means easy
  • Be open, flexible, and ready for change.
  • Think differently to live powerfully!

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