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  • I believe Jesus Christ is in me 
  • I believe I was in Christ before the foundation of the world
  • I believe I am the seed of Jesus Christ
  • I believe Jesus made me a new creature
  • I believe Jesus gave me a new heart and spirit
  • I believe salvation makes me just like Jesus
  • I believe I have the divine nature of Jesus Christ
  • I believe I was cleansed by Jesus’ blood
  • I believe Jesus is a person and not a religion
  • I believe I am the fullness of the Godhead’s bodily
  • I believe God made me His elect
  • I believe God gave me power over darkness

Prayer of Salvation

Lord over all the earth and its inhabitants,

You, Most-High God, Judge of the living and the dead. I bless You for my life and Your grace and mercy in the Person of Jesus Christ. He is who You sent into the world to save souls lost to You in Eden. I am reaching out to You today to become Your redeemed child by His blood.

Father God, I confess that I have sinned before You and ask You to forgive all my offenses. I receive Your first begotten Son’s incarnation and shed blood for my sins. I believe You put them all upon Him and crucified Him on the cross to ransom (buy me back) from hell. As horrible as His Calvary death was, I thank You for sacrificing Him in my place. Lord, You slaughtered Him to pay the sin and death’s price You demanded to redeem my soul.

God Almighty, You sentenced Jesus Christ to three days and nights in hell to ransom me from death. You sent His soul to hell to be the first human born again from the dead. His faithfulness and courage mean the lost can now be born again as He was and pass from death to life. You triumphantly, raised Him from the dead for my salvation and Your eternal life. I ask You, Holy Father, to remove my stony heart and replace it with Your heart of flesh.

I ask You to give me the immortal spirit I had in Jesus Christ before the earth was. I also ask You to put Your Holy Spirit in me, to write Your laws in my new heart and mind, to cause me to walk as He walked on earth, according to Your divine laws. I want to live as He lives obediently, doing Your will every day.

Everlasting God and Father of Jesus Christ, I today receive You now as my Father too. As Your born again, born from above child, I seal this prayer by surrendering my whole spirit, soul, and body to Your will and lifestyle. I vow to glorify You as Your new creation offspring, in Jesus’ name, amen.

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