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Welcome to the Biotic Gospel™ Discipleship Club!

We’re so excited that you have decided to unlock the power of your salvation and understand more of what the Biotic Gospel™ is and what it can do for your salvation.

The term Biotic Gospel™ is new and simply put means – the living gospel, and brings to life the process of The Word becoming flesh. If this peaks your interest, you’re in the right place.

What then is Biotic Gospel™ Discipleship? It is how we tell people about how to become new people in Jesus Christ. This is the journey that you’re exploring and we’re excited to walk each step with you.

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  • Be sure that you are born again
  • Unpack your new experiences
  • Understand how the Biotic Gospel™ impacts you as a new creature in Christ
  • Get the wisdom you need to live this everyday.

3. Unpack Your New Creation:

Take The Biotic Gospel™ Orientation Course to understand more about what the Biotic Gospel™ is, how it is reforming you and how you can share it with others. Receive your Biotic Gospel™ Discipleship Member certificate upon successful completion.

3. Access our Member Groups:

Prayer Pods: Participate in group prayer for the needs of the Biotic Gospel™ Community and Share Pods: Participate in structured yet self-managed Bible study groups, exploring the Biotic Gospel™

Congratulations on making the most important investment of your time and yourself that you will ever make, as it will both prepare you for and follow you into eternity. 

Now run hard and finish strong.

The Biotic GospelTM at a Glance.

“Our Theology has a Technology.” ~ Dr. Paula A. Price

As the author of The Prophet’s Dictionary, I am accustomed to reviving archaic terminology and restoring them to its original application. Contemporary Christianity often whitewashed the Gospel and, with it, its vocabulary and thought processes. Before reading further, review the terms below to gain a stronger understanding of what is meant by The Biotic Gospel. ~ Dr. Paula A. Price.

Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. Biotic means pertaining to life; Biotics is the science of vital functions and manifestations; powers and qualities peculiar to living organisms.

Cells are a vital part of all organisms. Cellulate means to provide with cells; cellular (on the cellular level).

Spore formation or sporogenesis is a form of asexual reproduction that involves spores. Spores, from “sporā”, meaning “seed” and “genesis”, meaning “birth” or “origin”, are dormant, reproductive cells that are similar to seed by serving as dispersal units.

~ by Dr. Paula A. Price

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